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Adelaide Photography Workshops

The Adelaide City CBD and surrounding parklands is the location for our Adelaide Photography Workshop.. This is a ‘one on one’ Photography Workshop held over 2 days, where you are the ‘only’ participant (but you can bring a friend). This means our total dedication to teaching yourself privately and not in a group environment!

Our Photography Workshops will have you confident in understanding and using all of the features of your camera as we walk thru and around the Adelaide City. We will investigate Adelaides laneways of Victorian Architecture contrasting against modern steel and Glass Highrise buildings. Visiting local highlights such as the The Botanic Gardens for Floral and Landscape Photographic techniques and The Adelaide Zoo for Wildlife Photography Techniques. The final part of our workshop will be lowlight Photography along the banks of the Torrens as we shoot until sunset.

Once we have taught you how to take creative images on a variety of locations, the next step is the post production of your RAW images. We will then guide you to edit your RAW Photos in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop at your home or accommodation in the city . It is then that your RAW images will be created into the Artistic Photographs that you have dreamed of taking.

Or we can tailor a Photography Workshop to suit you in your choice of locations.

Time Duration: up to 12 hours over 2 days.

Day One: Up to 8 hours practical instruction at various locations (until sunset). Day Two: Up to 4 hours Editing and Post Production using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Workshop Fee: $995/one person, $1495 for 2 persons

Includes: Tuition, Lunch, Afternoon tea and entry to the Adelaide Zoo.

Topics Covered:

Basic to advanced Photography using the features of your camera.

Architecture Photography, Street Photography, Landscape Photography and Wildlife Photography.

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Tuition.

Below is some inspiration from some of our past Workshops in Adelaide and also in Melbourne.

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