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Daylesford Wedding Photographer, A Marriage proposal in Hepburn Springs with engagement photos

Proposal Location and Photography Venue: Peppers Hepburn Springs

I think I felt the same as every man would felt about proposing to their girlfriends, anxious but exited.

The anxiety comes from the fact that I am desperate to impress and surprise my lady, so I need to arrange everything by myself without her knowing.  I need to make up lies to get out of the house, to meet my dear photographer John in Daylesford.  I have to design and order the ring by ‘guesstimating’ my girlfriend’s preference etc.

However, it is also an exiting journey on the other hand because every bit of progress I make, I am one step closer to marry my beloved girl.  And eventually, I bent down my knees in front of her, witnessed by John, and she said “YES!!!!”

By Chris

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