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‘One on One’ Wedding Photography Workshops in Melbourne & country Victoria

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As a Wedding Photographer I am often asked “How did you get started”?

I was lucky enough to be guided by a Professional Wedding Photographer whilst in my late teens. He was kind enough to allow me to assist him during weddings and because of that I was able to remove the ‘fear’ of photographing my first wedding on my own. Today it isn’t that easy to ask a Photographer for advice as they have their own business to look after, well above teaching anyone wishing to learn their trade, besides that it takes years of practice and learning from failure to succeed.

This is why I offer  ‘One on One Wedding Photography Workshops’. My Workshops are specifically designed to teach the individual how to start their own Wedding Photography Business with tuition during a ‘real’ wedding. I can also be hired to be there with you as you photography your first wedding.

Below is a guide to what we have been offering. Do note that only Day 2 & Day 3 need to be taught consecutively.

5 Day Wedding Photography Workshop

Day 1: Advanced Camera Operation & Portraiture. If you are yet to purchase suitable camera equipment, I will help with recommendations.

Day 2: Attend the final consultation with the Bride and Groom. Watch and assist at the Ceremony Rehearsal. Conduct Pre Wedding day Planning including a Recq of the Ceremony, Reception and external Photo locations. Checklist of equipment for wedding day. Wedding day travel logistics and event timings.

Day 3: Wedding Day. You will learn ‘side by side’ in real time as it all happens, this could be a long day, but its rare chance for you to gather images for your own business even before your first wedding.

Day 4: Edit your images in Lightroom and Photoshop to create images with your own ‘signature look’.

Day 5: All aspects of running your business successfully including: Website/BLOG, SEO, Branding, being found on google, Advertising, Promoting your business, Pricing & Products, Tax & Deductions, Insurance, Contacting Clients & Offering exceptional Customer Service, Back up plans & dealing with problems, continuing to reinvent your business.

This ‘individually bespoke’ Wedding Photography Workshop is priced from $1000/day which includes all meals, accommodation and transport.

Please call us Sundays to Thursdays 9-9, as what we offer is ‘bespoke’ to your individual needs as we only teach one person per Workshop.

John Mitchell

0428 890 240

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