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A wedding with a Fuji X100T

The Fuji X100T was announced at the Photokina in Germany back in September and when it was revealed I immediately contacted my friends at Michaels Camera Store in Melbourne to pre order one. As I had ordered only 1 hour after the launch in Germany, my order was premature to the effect that the X100T wasn’t even on the ‘books’ in Australia. So to much excitement on November 1st, I received the call that “its in the mail” to speak!  The first assignment was to have it accompany a couple of 5D MKIII’s on the next wedding. But it eventually took over 3/4 of the workload and saved me much back ache I get from carrying around 15kg of Canon Pro Gear! Its primary job was only to capture the pre wedding and Reception as I could not shoot a Wedding with only 3 days non wedding practice.

Will it focus fast enough or should I still have the 5DMKIII close at hand? On this particular wedding, I was challenged by extreme backlighting during the Ceremony and not once did it have a problem with finding a contrast to focus on. During the pre-wedding bridal party getting ready photos, I had a predicted challenge when the Children were being dressed in a room that had virtually no external window light. The resulting focusing was unaffected, when the 5DMKIII would had a “hissy fit”. It did not ‘hunt’ at all, but I’m sure when it does, it may lock on quicker than my Canon. Actually its focusing ‘keeper’ rate today was 95%+ as I used the ‘decisive moment’ principle. All the focusing today was by “lock, recompose and wait” method by shutter release. I did not use the ‘D’ pad as I had assigned custom functions to each. Just for quick access on a day of first use.

Will the faster shutter speeds be most beneficial in the bright Australian Sun at f2?  Yes and its a must. It sure beats needing to use a ‘ND’ filter like the’X100 S’. But do remember if you are going to use fill flash, then you have to switch back to Mechanical Shutter. This I found initially annoying and made the decision in advance to use mechanical/electronic or mechanical. But as this camera is designed to slow me down and think about what I am doing (unlike the 5DMKIII) it means plan ahead, which makes me creatively anticipate emotion. Having more than 1/8000 shutter speed on this camera is fantastic as Australia is renowned for Spring and Summer weddings with very bright sunlight. Its easy to see the benefit when using fast primes in bright light. My old 6D use to top out at 1/4000 f2.2 on a bright day, which is a bugger when using f1.2 lenses.

The OVF was fantastic to pre frame a shot in anticipation, ala ‘decisive moment’ photography. Its bright and the frame guides seem accurate enough. What a bonus to check focus in the viewfinder with the help of the small square.

The Chrome Film Mode, I found the Chrome setting was not what I remember from my 35mm Kodachrome days. But I have some tweaking to do with the settings, I think I could add a touch more contrast next time. But, the B/W film modes, were right on.. the results were like Kodak Tech Pan 25 developed in its own developer. Simply beautiful. Rich Blacks and a smooth roll off of highlights.

The noise was a little more than I would expect in a full frame Canon, but better than a APS. Don’t expect miracles, but the look of the noise is nicer, more like a film grain than digital noise.

Will I replace my 24/1.4 Canon lens and save me 2kg in weight? Yes and during this wedding I did not use the 24/1.4 for the first time. I would be happy to use the X100T for family photos next time as the Canon L Series lenses need to be stopped down too much to obtain edge to edge sharpness. I found that even at f2.8 with the fuji, I could obtain un-noticeable softness in any corners which is important for group and family photos.

What is the future for my Full frame Canon and 1.2 + 1.4 primes? Well they will be on ‘gumtree’ classifieds early next year when Fuji releases it’s much anticipated X-Pro1 replacement. I just hope that there is still a demand for Canon when that time comes.

Here is a sample of images that were taken by the Fuji X100T on its first Wedding in Wangaratta, Victoria Australia on a 35 degrees Spring Day. All images reduced in quality for the BLOG, but exif details remain when opened.





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  1. You take such amazing photos! I was just wondering what photo editing software you use with the Fujifilm x100t? I heard that the RAW files are not widely supported and the conversion straight from camera is terrible.

    • Hi “myfoodtrail”, My Fuji X100T RAF files are imported into LR Version 5.7 which supports the Film profiles of the X100T & XT1. I then quickly apply my own custom presets which I have created in LR to change the profile of the RAF Raw files before I Import into Photoshop as a 16bit tiff file for further presets. Capture One, as I have seen creates very good RAF to tiff conversions but my Lightroom workflow suits me fine and the demand of my clients. Please feel free to call me if you are interested in a dedicated Fuji X Trans Photography Workshop, as it looks like you are in Australia.

      • Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I’m not an X100T owner yet but am considering getting one. I’m just an amateur, hobbyist photographer and currently have a Nikon D7000, but am looking for a camera I can easily put in my handbag and use more frequently but still have the image quality. Why do you convert to a TIFF file and why do you not do all your editing in Lightroom? I am using Lightroom and convert my Nikon NEF files to DNG.

      • Hi ‘myfoodtrail’, just very quickly to answer your questions.
        I convert to a tiff because as a Professional Photographer we only work in the highest quality (16bit tiff) then convert to 8bit for storage. Tiffs are only converted to jpegs if used for emailing.
        Lightroom is a great RAW converter but it is not feature packed like Photoshop for image manipulation. Photopshop has all the best tools, but you expect that for the price.
        I look forward to hearing from you if you would like a ‘one on one Lightroom or Photoshop Workshop in your own home.
        You can call me on 0428 890 240.

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