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using the ‘FUJI X-SERIES’ Photography Workshop

Using the Fuji X-series Photo Workshop

Our Fuji X-series Photography Workshop is a ‘one on one’ Photography Workshop, where you are the ‘only’ participant (but, you can bring a friend). Which means we give our total dedication to teaching yourself how to use this amazing camera system without being in a group environment!

The Fuji X-Series Cameras are what creative photographers have been wishing for since the end of Film Cameras. A Camera system that is designed to allow you the freedom to explore the Fine Art of Photography in a smaller and lighter package. Our Workshops will have you understanding all of what makes these Fuji cameras so incredibly unique.

We have created this Workshop because of our passion of using the Fuji X-Series System for Professional and Artistic Photography. If you wish we can also supply you with a an X-Body for the day, including either the Fuji X100T or the Fuji X-T1′ in Chrome or Black to use for the duration of your Workshop along with some of Fuji’s finest prime lenses. Your Workshop can also include learning how to apply post production to the RAW Files from the images taken during the day.

Our Favourite locations include: The Victorian Alps, Beechworth, The Macedon Ranges, Melbourne or choose your own (as we love new locations).

Workshop Duration: 8 hours practical at various locations.

Workshop Fee: Starting at $595/one person, $795 for 2 persons, based on a Macedon Ranges location.

This Workshop is not run with assistance or affiliated with the FUJIFILM Camera Company.


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