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Wedding Reception at the Bright Chalet, Sacha & Gerry’s Wedding

Gerry’s Suit: Azzaro

Florist: Bright Florist

Celebrant: Bruce Kilpatrick

The Band: Captain Spalding Band.

The Cake: Coral-Lee

Table Decorations: Sam from Bright Florist + Fenella from Bright Chalet.

Lighting at Reception: Jane Fowley 5755 1901

Reception: Bright Chalet.

Hair: Suzie Novac

Make Up: Bright Beauty Boutique 5750 1977

Special Thanks from Sacha + Gerry.

Fenella at the Bright Chalet for being calm, organised, relaxed and extremely switched on. She managed to bring everything together. From working with all our different suppliers to setting up the venue, to managing complex accommodation bookings- and despite us keeping her up way past her bed time-she still had a smile on her face for the breakfast the next day.

Sam at the Bright Florist-Along with Jane Foley-they managed to transform an ordinary room into something absolutely magical with just flowers and fairy lights, ingenuity and imagination.

Susie Novac (Hair) For going above and beyond the call of duty.

The Captain Spalding Band-After traveling for 3+hrs to get to the venue, they started playing to a very “too cool to dance” crowd. By halfway through the night everyone was up on their feet dancing and singing along and by the end of the night we were all yelling for more. They definitely made the party!

Thank you to all who made our day…So Special.

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