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A wedding at Chestnut Tree Apartments, Wedding Photographer in Bright

For Kiri & Dave’s Wedding day to be spectacular, we needed to always be ‘one step ahead of the weather’. Their Photography started the with Hair and make-up (and ultimately the unveiling of the Dress) at the Art Deco inspired ‘Eugenie Cottage in Bright. They had their amazingly beautiful floral arrangements created by Bright Florist. The skies were heavily overcast, with impending rain on the horizon, as the Girls arrived at Chestnut Tree Apartments  for the Ceremony. Kiri and Dave had picked a group of trees on the ‘golf course’ lawn to have their Ceremony and Bruce Kilpatrick, (the local Celebrant) preformed the nuptials. During the Ceremony, the clouds dissapeared  and any idea of a wet day was long forgotten as the sun burned bright. This was just the opposite as we arrived for the Bridal Party Photos only just down the road in Germantown. It literally hammered down with much needed rain for the locals. So we abandoned this location and departed for another Alpine Valley location. This time we tried the (temporary) sunny location of Wandiligong, where we utilised rustic rural ruins for their Photography. It wasn’t long until the rains caught up with us again. An hour later the skies were filled with a spectacular light show as the Guests enjoyed Canape’s surrounded by the Farm Animals at the Red Stag. One thing about rain and Photography. If it starts raining  in Bright, then go for a drive for 10 minutes.


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