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Lancemore at Milawa Weddings, A wedding at Lancemore Milawa

This is a ‘snippet’ of Clare & Roberts Wedding and the location for this amazing day was the Lindenwarrah Country House in Milawa. The Ceremony conducted by Bruce Kilpatrick .

Clare & Robert decided on a ‘first look’ meeting, which allowed us to utilise the Lindenwarrah Country House grounds for their photography before and after the Ceremony. An opportunity to photograph a Wedding at Lindenwarrah leaves us with more than a ‘fuzzy feeling’. Whats so special about this Venue? To have one central location for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen to ready themselves makes logistics and timing perfect for the Couple and for us. With a Ceremony being performed on the Grand Lawn and the Drinks and Canapés being served close by, also adds to a Venue that means we can maximise our time together. If we also mention the fact that the staff pride themselves in service beyond expectations, then how could Clare’s and Roberts day be anything less than Perfect. A Venue like this can help to take away any evidence of wedding day ‘stresses’ which also makes our Couple relaxed for their Imagery.  Yes, we love this place and if the Couple is happy, then so are we for them. So, you may ask. Whats with the Balloons?  With the weather being forecast to be a wet day, the Girls found holding Balloons sure beats holding umbrella’s. The umbrella’s were later released to the Stratosphere (much to the distress of our 6 year old who was viewing the final photos).


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