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A 1850’S style Wedding in Benalla

When Melissa & Adam requested our photography for their ‘Victorian Period Wedding’, we were fascinated by their extensive plans to try and truly reproduce a 19th Century Wedding in a modern world. Their idea was for us to photograph the wedding, not only in Sepia, but to photograph in a way that does not show modern elements in their backgrounds. A hard feat considering the continuous stream of traffic over the bridge, cars certainly were not in Benalla 150 years ago. Melissa & Adam also researched the style of Photography from the 19th Century via numerous ‘google’s’ of photos taken and the resulting images are a first for us. Never have we produced a Wedding that contained more than 98% ‘sepia type’ toned images, but this was not your average wedding! ¬†Even the guest we asked to dress in appropriate clothing and the food for the reception was in picnic baskets with local produce.

Wedding Celebrant and Make Up: Jane Harvey

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Benalla Gardens.


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