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Tobacco Kilns in Whorouly

Whorouly is just one small area in Victoria’s north east that still has some fine examples of the Tobacco Kilns that represent Australia’s contribution to Tobacco Production. Once the Ovens, Kiewa and King Valleys were dotted with farms producing Tobacco and the Tobacco Kilns were built to dry the leafs immediately after harvesting. One of the two Kilns in this Gallery. The ‘Brick Kiln’ has a date stamp with its year being 1920. This particular Kiln is regarded as one of the oldest surviving examples not only in this region but throughout the north east of Victoria. Now these iconic forms of rural Architecture are slowly decaying to the harsh elements of weather and within a decade, photos sadly will be the only way we can remember them in their natural state. To keep the memories going, we will have to continue to photograph these icons of the Ovens and King Valleys or purchase and bring new life as an addition to a home.

We will update with more examples in the future, with the kind permission for Photography access given by the farmers who own these Kilns. Always ask, don’t just enter their properties.

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