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Beechworth Photography Workshop

The beautiful Historic town of Beechworth is the location for this Photography Workshop (we also teach Photography Workshops in locations including Central Victorian Goldfields, Macedon ranges, Melbourne and the Victorian Alps.
During this particular Photography Workshop we will teach you more about Creative Photography using the diversity of Beechworth’s Architecture and natural History. Starting at your current level of Photographic experience we will lead you on a journey towards a Professional approach to Photography.

Which makes this the perfect Photography Workshop to get you and your camera ready for your next big holiday and it is only you and a Professional Photographer as we teach you ‘one on one’.

Below is examples of what you may find during our Beechworth Workshop. the subject matter is endless as is the Beauty of this historic town in North East Victoria.

Also checkout our BLOG on our Mt Buffalo Photography Workshop.

Price: $795/person or Two persons for $995.

Contact us for more information.

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