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Mt Buffalo Wedding, “Eloping with Family”

A Wedding at Mt Buffalo. Sophie and Scott had an easy choice for their Wedding Ceremony, Reception and their Photography. It was the location that was dearest to their hearts, Mt Buffalo in Victoria’s High Country. Their Ceremony was held on a rock platform above a Waterfall, cascading over a Gorge.  Later their Reception took place among the Gum Trees of the Lake Catani Camping Ground. On the highest peak of Mt Buffalo, stands the Rocky Peak called ‘The Horn’. It was here that Scott, with bended knee proposed to Sophie. ‘The Horn’ was then chosen to be one of the locations for their photos, along with Rocky outcrop called ‘The Catherdral’ and the Mountain lake called Catani. It is their love for the outdoors that inspired this wedding and for family who traveled from America to be with them. They would be in awe of such a scenic part of the Victoria. Celebrant: Bruce Kilpatrick Ceremony Location: Cedar Brook Falls, Mt Buffalo. Reception Location: Lake Catani Camping Ground. Sophies Beautiful Wedding Dress: Was made by her Grandmother. The Flowers: by the Girls.

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  1. Comment by Sophie (The Bride)
    Dear John,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful photographs.
    We had such a good time with you and we appreciated your patience with us.
    Thank you for capturing our special day so beautifully.
    Kindest regards, Sophie.

  2. Comment by Scott (The Groom)
    We love the photographs. Thank you for working with and directing us to make all this happen. It’s always a pleasure to come across people in life that are happy doing exactly what they want to be doing. I feel its the way you are and that your photos reflect that. Thanks again. Scott.

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