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Gracebrook Winery Wedding. The story of Kerrie & Leon’s special day

10-11-12, these are not Lotto numbers, but to Kerrie and Leon these numbers represent the day where they become one. Todays Wedding Ceremony location today was easily decided, straight from the heart. Kerrie’s Family Farm in the beautiful hills of Everton Upper. To be married to the man she loves under the evergreen trees of the family homestead, would be her prefect location. The Reception was also one decision that was not taken lightly as being in the Industry, Kerrie was keen to satisfy with a Reception that will be talked about for years. Gracebrook, which is situated on a slight rise in the hills of the King Valley, over looks its own vineyards in a very private setting. The Interior was equally beautiful, in a rustic Australian Woolshed style. We will leave it to the photos to explain what is truely hard to imagineĀ in writing.

Wedding Dress by: allurebridal at Spirling Hire.

Guys suits by: Spirling Hire.

Flowers by local Girl: Charmaine Bennett.

Make Up by: Sandra Learson.

Hair by: Stilletto Hair Studio Wangaratta.

Celebrant: Bruce Kilpatrick

Reception: Gracebrook Winery.

Music at Reception by: Morris Milani.

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